Hi, I am Nikki.

I specialize in elopement and intimate wedding + portrait photography. I was born in NY but moved out at a very early age. I decided to come back to my roots in 2017.

I have a degree in architecture technology and construction but decided to keep pursuing my all-time passion, photography.

I have a puppy, her name is Caoimhe (K(W)EE-və), she makes my life richer, healthier, and happier. My biggest adventures are by her side, exploring nature and the ocean, admiring the sunsets, and standing on the top of a mountain.

(She would always be my 'puppy')

I love to go horseback riding. I enjoy a warm hot cocoa in my PJs during winter time either outside beside a campfire, or inside with my big, cozy wool blanket. I also enjoy a good movie. I love everything from exciting thrillers to cliche romantic comedies. Myvaried taste in movies also applies to music too. One moment I can be listening to Blink-182 and the next I will listen to Enya. Oh, and most importantly, I love chocolate.

Would you like to know a funny fact about me? When I was a child, I washed an old film camera with soap and water! But trust me, I know what I'm doing now.

Anyways, this is me and a little bit about my story, I cannot wait to get to know YOU and your love story.